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Product Description

Swimming Pool Granting and Skimmer

Are you in search of top-notch swimming pool enhancements, including high-quality grating and skimmer options? Elevate the durability of your pool with our premium offerings.

Revamp your pool affordably with our sturdy and safe grating solutions. At AB Swimming Pool Construction, we specialize in providing durable grating systems for your swimming pool. These solutions offer long-lasting benefits, catering to various needs such as upgrading athletic facilities, renovating changing rooms, addressing industrial requirements, and enhancing perimeter drainage.

When it comes to skimmers, picture them as the unsung heroes of your pool, working much like drains at the top surface. These skimmers efficiently pull in water, ensuring that debris like floating leaves, suntan oil, and hair are effectively filtered out of your pool. Say goodbye to unwanted clutter and hello to a pristine swimming experience!

Swimming Pool Skimmer Supplier

Hey there! We craft top-notch swimming pool skimmers designed to cater to your specific needs. Our skimmers are strategically placed to effectively keep approximately 500 square feet of the pool surface spick and span. It’s crucial to keep an eye on the skimmer, though, as letting debris pile up can add unnecessary stress to the pump. That’s why we recommend giving the skimmer basket a daily cleanup, especially during the swimming season.

When installing a skimmer, it’s essential to have an equivalent line in place. This line is essentially a pipe that connects from the bottom of the skimmer basket, through the pool wall, and into the water. The equivalent line serves a vital role in preventing air from sneaking into the system in case the water level drops below a certain point due to evaporation. It’s all about maintaining that delicate balance!

Swimming Pool Grating

Hey there! When it comes to your swimming pool, we’ve got you covered as your go-to grating experts. We craft top-notch pool gratings tailored to your exact specifications. Our approach involves hands-on collaboration with skilled quality teams to ensure your project is nothing short of excellence.

By tapping into the potential of CNC machining, we delve into innovative possibilities to bring you a swimming pool that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but also safe and sturdy. Our GPM grating is designed to meet your specific needs, and it comes in both standard and custom dimensions.

So, whether you’re envisioning a standard pool setup or something a bit more unique, we’ve got the expertise and dedication to make it happen. Dive into a pool experience that’s as safe as it is stylish with our carefully crafted gratings!

We Have Long-Lasting Solution

Our GPM grating is built to brave the elements, standing strong against the toughest aquatic challenges. No worries about rotting, fading, or tearing – this grating is as tough as they come. You could even take a heavy hammer to it, and it won’t give in.

Say goodbye to chips and cracks! Our grating stands tall, unfazed by the harshest pool chemicals. Plus, our AB swimming pool gratings act as a shield against UV radiation, ensuring they stay vibrant and damage-free. And hey, our prices won’t break the bank – affordable for everyone.

Explore our range of swimming pool gratings, featuring sleek straight and curved designs loaded with awesome features. Your pool deserves the best, and we’ve got just the thing.

Top Features

Sturdy and Reliable – Our polystone gratings are crafted with the utmost attention to meet the stringent safety standards of swimming pools. Rest assured, these gratings won’t splinter, crack, rot, or vanish into thin air.

Safety First, Hygiene Always – When it comes to your swimming pool, our gratings prioritize both safety and hygiene. Elevate the appeal of your pool while ensuring maximum protection. We take pride in being top-notch suppliers of quality swimming pool gratings, making your dream pool more attainable.

Effortless Maintenance – Cleaning polystone pool gratings is a breeze. They require minimal upkeep, making them a hassle-free choice that even outperforms algae in ease of cleaning. Save time without compromising on cleanliness.

Simple Installation – Contrary to expectations, handling these pool gratings is a straightforward task. Installation becomes a breeze, especially when the overflow channel is kept clean. Explore our swimming pool grating prices to make an informed decision.

These features merely scratch the surface; our gratings boast additional user-friendly attributes. For your project, our swimming pool gratings and skimmers stand out as the undisputed best.

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