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Swimming Pool Algaecide

Product Description

Ever come across algaecide? It’s basically the superhero your pool needs, sweeping in to evict algae or prevent it from turning your pool into its personal hangout. Pools can turn into the favorite hangouts for different types of algae, each bringing its own set of challenges. Let’s delve into the notorious troublemakers.

First on the list is black algae. Imagine this: someone takes a refreshing dip in a natural water spot like a lake or river, forgets to give their swimwear a good scrub, and bam, black algae crashes the pool shindig.

Then there’s green algae, the rockstars of pool predicaments. If your pool water resembles it’s auditioning for a Shrek sequel, blame it on this green mischief-maker. It usually shows up when your pool is missing the right mix of sanitation and filtration magic, causing the pH to take a wild rollercoaster ride.

So, in the epic struggle against algae, algaecide plays the role of your reliable sidekick, ensuring your pool stays fresh and pristine.

Types of algae

  1. Green algae
  2. Black algae
  3. Yellow algae

Algaecide is the most common chemical used.

Imagine your pool as a delicate ecosystem, where maintaining a pristine environment is akin to orchestrating a symphony of chemical balances and cleaning rituals. Achieving the perfect harmony is the key to keeping pesky algae from crashing the party.

Start by keeping a close eye on your water. Ensure that the pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Stabilizer levels are all dancing together in perfect sync. Maintain a chlorine level between 1 and 3 ppm consistently, and throw in a super chlorination session every so often to boost it up to 10+ ppm.

Think of your pool’s filter as the superhero defender. Let it run the pump for about 12 hours each day – adjust as needed based on your specific setup. A clean pool is a happy pool, so grab that brush, skim the surface, and vacuum away the natural debris that loves to party with algae.

Keep an eye on the troublemakers, aka phosphates, which can fuel algae growth. If they exceed 300 ppb, bring in the phosphate remover. It’s like the bouncer at the algae club, kicking out the troublemakers.

And if, despite all your efforts, algae still sneak in, don’t fret. Introduce our special algaecide treatment – a weekly dose of either Pool Algaecide, Algaecide 50, or Algaecide 60 Plus. These heroes work by breaking down the algae’s defenses, allowing chlorine to swoop in and save the day. The exact details are a bit like a secret recipe – we’re not entirely sure if they disrupt energy delivery, mess with cell division, or throw a wrench in the production of essential proteins for cell survival. It’s like the algaecides have their own special dance moves to keep algae at bay.

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