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Welcome to AB, your go-to destination for all things swimming pool-related in our beautiful country. With years of expertise under our belt, we’ve established ourselves as a leading company specializing in building, maintaining, and supplying various types of swimming pools and equipment.

When it comes to pool maintenance, the swimming pool pump takes center stage as a crucial piece of equipment. Whether you’re dealing with dirty water that needs a change or undergoing interior repairs, sometimes the pool needs to be emptied. This task might seem daunting without the right pool pump, but fear not – we’ve got you covered.

In Bangladesh, we take pride in offering the finest swimming pool pumps that not only simplify your work but also ensure progress. At AB Bangladesh Swimming Pool Store, we’re renowned for our expertise in constructing and designing top-notch swimming pools, accompanied by a curated selection of high-quality pumps.

Our pumps come in various sizes, catering to the unique needs of your pool. The heart of any filtration system is the pool pump, playing a crucial role in the filtration process and maintaining the cleanliness of your swimming pool and spa. As an authorized distributor of Emaux, we provide the best swimming pool pumps in Bangladesh, including Inground Pool Pumps, Above Ground Pool Pumps, Motors & Motor Parts, and Pumps & Filter Accessories. Trust us to deliver excellence in every aspect of your swimming pool experience.

Inground Pool Pumps

Taking care of your pool can be a real pain if you don’t have the right pump in place. Hayward pumps are like the superheroes of in-ground pools. They not only filter out the nasties from your water but also kick those chemicals into action, leaving your pool sparkling clean. Imagine spending less time on pool chores and more time actually enjoying the water – that’s the magic of these pumps. Thanks to their high-performance motor, heavy-duty build, and cool airflow ventilation, they operate like a breeze, keeping things quiet and efficient. And hey, the price tag for this swimming pool pump in Bangladesh won’t break the bank. So, go ahead and make your pool maintenance a walk in the park.

Above Ground Pool Pumps

If you’ve ever envisioned having a cool swimming pool right in your backyard, keeping it in tip-top shape is crucial. You want that crystal-clear water experience, free from any unwanted debris or germs, right?

Enter the Index, a fantastic option for those looking beyond the typical Above Ground Pool Pumps. These pumps are versatile, fitting various pool setups like a charm. If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of Above Ground Pools, make sure to explore what makes Index the go-to swimming pool pump in Bangladesh. Take a moment to check out the Emaux Pool Pump prices in Dhaka through some research – you might just find the perfect fit for your aquatic oasis.

Swimming Pool Pump Price

Looking to make a splash with your dream pool? Dive into the great deals at AB Bangladesh Swimming Pool Store, where our swimming pool pump prices are a real catch. We’ve reeled in a sea of satisfied clients with our reasonable rates. Whether you’re in need of a compact pool pump or something larger for those ambitious projects, we’ve got you covered.

At AB Bangladesh, we’re not just about pumps; we’re your go-to destination for the best swimming pool experience. Our IIS In-Ground Pool Pump boasts a wall plug port size of 1-1/2″, ensuring convenience and efficiency. With a powerful 110V 1HP motor, 750W, and a 60HZ frequency, this portable water filter pump comes equipped with a large strainer basket filter for optimal water cleanliness. It’s designed to self-prime, making maintenance a breeze.

Trust us to not only provide top-notch pumps but also to build and maintain your dream pool with perfection. Take the plunge and contact us today – your ideal pool setup is just a conversation away!

1HP 110V


Rugged weather-resistant construction

Extremely quiet operation

A transparent cover helps to judge if the basket needs clean or not

A Massive strainer basket holds an extra capacity

Suggested Installation: 24″-26″ sand filter and above-ground pools


Horsepower: 1 HP

Speed: 3450 RPM

Voltage: 110-120V

Max. Temp: 104 Degree Fahrenheit (40 Degree Celsius)

Power Cord: 59″

Package Contents:

1x 1HP Swimming Pool Pump

1x Manual

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