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Top Sauna Stone in Bangladesh

Thinking about setting up a new sauna or giving your old one a makeover? Well, you’re gonna need some top-notch heater stones for that. Whether it’s a new build or a stone replacement mission, quality matters. Don’t sweat it, though – we’ve got you covered with a lineup of the finest options. Take a peek at our collections and pick the one that vibes with your sauna dreams.

We’re throwing some cool suggestions your way – think jadeite, soapstone, raspberry quartzite, white quartzite, ceramic stones, and olivine diabase. Your sauna is about to get a serious upgrade, my friend! 


Meet Jadeite – not just any stone, but a semi-precious gem that’s tailor-made for the sauna experience. Picture this: a robust stone, devoid of any pesky sharp edges, ready to elevate your sauna sessions. Jadeite brings simplicity, a touch of gentleness, and a hint of subtle steam to the sauna ambiance. But wait, there’s more.

This stone isn’t just a pretty face; it’s got some fantastic features up its sleeve. For starters, it plays nice with acids, keeping things harmonious. As it graces your sauna, it acts as a natural air purifier, creating an atmosphere that’s as clean as a whistle. And here’s the kicker – the stone releases silicic acid, a pristine compound loaded with essential minerals for your well-being.

Now, we all get the lowdown on why we hop into a sauna – relaxation, rejuvenation, and all that jazz. So, it’s only fair that our sauna stones measure up. Enter Jadeite, not just a sauna accessory but a wellness powerhouse. Brace yourself for a laundry list of benefits: it’s a maestro at normalizing blood pressure, a cheerleader for your nervous system, a wizard at boosting blood circulation, a softener of blood vessel walls, a champion for kidney and urinary tract function, and the list goes on.

In essence, Jadeite isn’t just a stone – it’s your ticket to a sauna experience that goes beyond the ordinary, weaving in therapeutic benefits seamlessly.


Meet these sauna stones—they’re crafted from a blend of tough and smooth minerals, making them the cream of the crop for treatments. Picture this: soapstone, resilient to scorching temperatures, with top-notch thermal conductivity. The steam it releases mirrors that of a jadeite sauna stone, giving you a taste of its standout features. And get this, the price tag won’t break the bank, despite its stellar quality.

Raspberry quartzite

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect pick for your sauna haven, look no further than raspberry quartzite stone. This gem isn’t just any sauna material – it’s the superhero of durability, thanks to its top-notch physical and mechanical properties. Whether you’re into steamy baths or refreshing showers, raspberry quartzite brings its A-game to all types of spa sessions.

What’s the secret behind its charm? Well, it effortlessly conjures up a gentle mist in the sauna, creating an ambiance that’s as soothing as it gets. But that’s not all – this wonder stone has garnered rave reviews from happy customers for its ability to keep blood pressure in check and dish out some seriously smooth relief for that pesky back pain. It’s like having your own personal spa magician in the form of a beautiful, reliable rock.

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