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Underwater, Quick-Action Electric Valve

Making sure your pool or fountain runs smoothly requires a top-notch fountain valve. It’s not just about aesthetics – it’s crucial for controlling water flow effectively. You’re probably well aware of how vital proper circulation is for maintaining clean and swim-worthy pool water. If the water isn’t circulating, it won’t make its way to the filter, where all the nasty stuff gets filtered out. To navigate water flow in your pool fountain like a pro, you’ve got to grasp the ins and outs of various swimming pool valves and know when to use them. And it’s not just about what happens inside the pool; the fountain valve dictates water flow both within and outside the pool.

The importance of water valves lies in ensuring your pool water moves in the right direction. However, the why and how depend on the type of fountain valve you have. Lucky for you, AB Bangladesh’s swimming pool store, known for being among the top swimming pool companies in the country, has got your back. We offer a stellar collection of swimming pool valves that not only align with your preferences but also fit your budget.

Curious about the water fountain valves we’ve got in store? Let’s dive in and explore the options.

Product Description

Best Types of Fountain Valves

Discover four different types of pool valves designed to keep your water flow in check.

Multiport Fountain Valve

Ever wondered how to keep your pool sparkling clean and free from waste? Well, enter the multiport valve – your go-to hero for filtering out impurities and getting rid of pool gunk. It’s like the ultimate cleanup squad for your aquatic oasis. And hey, it’s not just a one-trick pony; this valve comes with nifty winter settings to make sure water doesn’t sneak into places it shouldn’t, saving you from potential damage. Curious about the price tag for your favorite swimming pool fountain valve? Time to find out!

Diverter Valves

Ever wonder how your swimming pool magically manages its water flow? Well, that’s where diverter pool valves come into play. These nifty devices not only gauge the pool’s depth but also guide the water from one part of the pool to another. Picture this: two types of diverter valves at your disposal—2-way valves and 3-way valves.

Now, let’s focus on the star of the show, the diverter valve with its one-handle mastery. This wizardry allows you to take charge of water flow from a specific port. You can dial it down to a gentle stream or shut it off completely, all with just a twist of the wrist.

And if you’re dealing with the three-way valves, things get even more interesting. These valves boast ports at both ends and one in the middle, giving you the power to regulate water flow partially or shut it off entirely. How? Simple—just grab the handle and give it a 180-degree turn. Voila! Your pool’s water flow, under your command.

Check Valves

Make sure your swimming pool valves are doing their job by stopping water from sneaking back when the pump takes a break. The check pool valve is the hero in this story, making sure things stay in order for various situations and tools. Grab one of our check valves for the best combo of price and features.

Imagine your pool generators doing a chlorine dance in your pool water. Sounds cool, right? Well, it is until the party’s over, and chlorine decides to wreak havoc on your pool gear when the water decides to take a U-turn after the pump’s shut down. Enter the check fountain valve – your ticket to a drama-free zone. Stick it between the chlorinator and its crew to keep things flowing smoothly.

Valve Actuators

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually adjusting your pool fountain’s water flow! Instead of wrestling with diverter valve handles, simply install valve actuators on top of the diverter valve. Now, whenever you need to change the water flow direction, just hit a button, and watch as the valve handle moves effortlessly. It’s like magic for your pool maintenance routine!

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Take command of the water vibes in your pool or fountain by snagging a quality fountain valve. We’ve got a variety of water fountain valves to match your needs and wallet. Dive into our selection of top-notch swimming pool valves, loaded with some cool features to amp up your aquatic game.

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