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Fountain Nozzle Adjustable Straight Flow

Product Description

10mm Adjustable Straight Flow Fountain Nozzle

Connection: 10mm
Pressure: 50-150 Kpa
Capacity: 0.1-1.0 m3/h
Height: 1m-3m
Coverage: radial

The go-to choice for fountain projects, the Adjustable Straight Flow Fountain Nozzles steal the spotlight. These nozzles work their magic by crafting a seamless, crystal-clear, and gracefully flowing single jet. Install them at a slight incline, and you’ll unlock a whole world of captivating water effects. Imagine a symphony of water jets teaming up to paint a canvas of diverse water patterns. The Single Jet Nozzles keep things simple with their straightforward structure, making them a widespread favorite. Plus, you’ve got options – choose between the fixed and universal adjustable types to suit your fountain vision.

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