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Crystal Ball Nozzle

Elevating the aesthetic appeal of your beloved pool fountain’s water flow hinges on the pivotal role played by the fountain nozzle. These nozzles, seamlessly integrated with the fountain pump, contribute to a mesmerizing display in the pool water. Typically crafted from copper and stainless materials, opting for a stainless steel fountain nozzle proves wiser as prolonged exposure to outdoor elements tends to alter the color of other materials.

If you’re on the lookout for a stellar deal on a swimming pool fountain nozzle, look no further. At AB Bangladesh swimming store, we offer the finest water fountain nozzles tailored to your preferences. Explore our collection to find top-notch, stainless steel fountain nozzles that not only guarantee quality but also come at remarkably affordable prices. Whether for commercial, decorative, or residential purposes, you’ll find the perfect fountain nozzle amidst our diverse range of options.

Product Description

Water Fountain Nozzles We Provide

Transforming your pool into a water wonderland, our selection of water fountain nozzles crafts a mesmerizing array of aquatic displays. From the classic traditional flow to the exhilarating white water, the graceful laminar flow, and the enchanting film jet, we offer a curated collection of the finest fountain nozzles. Dive into a world of aquatic beauty with our top-notch selection.

Cascade Water Pool Fountain Nozzles

Consider opting for the Cascade fountain nozzle for your swimming pool – it’s a fantastic choice for a distinctive addition to your fountain. This injector, ranging from small to large, not only adds a touch of uniqueness but also infuses oxygen, creating a vibrant and full water pattern. The cascade effect of this injector blends water and air seamlessly, resulting in an exceptionally impressive water flow.

Firework Fountain Head Nozzles

Experience captivating water displays with the charm of small to medium-sized nozzles. Watch as they craft intriguing cluster water patterns, adding a touch of elegance to your surroundings. This fountain nozzle not only ensures a clear and mesmerizing water flow but also conjures a distinctive firework-like effect that remains gracefully stable, even in mid-air. Elevate the ambiance of your expansive pool with this delightful feature.

Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzle

Dive into the elegance of our Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzle, where water takes on the guise of delicate white bubbles, playfully dancing in your pool. The magical interplay of water and air crafts a visually stunning spectacle, as these frothy bubbles gracefully ascend, casting a mesmerizing vertical cascade that enhances your outdoor scenery. If you’re on the hunt for petite fountain nozzles, this one might just steal the show for you.

PVC Spray Nozzles

Are you on the hunt for budget-friendly choices for your swimming pool fountain nozzle? Opt for PVC spray nozzles that not only craft eye-catching white water columns but also align seamlessly with your budget. With two rocket and two umbrella spray patterns, these nozzles ensure impressive water flow in your pool, regardless of the water level. Plus, the beauty is, PVC fountain nozzles are always easy on the wallet, making them the perfect pick for your pool fountain without breaking the bank.

Hollow Jet Fountain Nozzle

To craft a mesmerizing dance of fountain water, your best bet is the hollow jet fountain nozzle. This nifty nozzle not only delivers impressive visual results but also does so with less water consumption. Crafted from durable stainless steel, its interior ensures the creation of striking and steady water flows, giving your fountain an unmatched lively water effect.

But that’s not all – we’ve got a diverse array of water fountain nozzles that will truly captivate you. Picture this: smooth bores, big smoothbores, cascade jet, geyser jet, foam jet, fizz jet, aerating jet, fan, morning glory, water bells nozzles, and the list goes on. Each one promises to add its unique touch to elevate the beauty of your water feature. Dive in and explore the possibilities!

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  • Inlet Size : 1.5” (DN40)
  • Jet height: 1.5M, Covering Diameter: 1.2M
  • Operating pressure: 80-100KPa, Water-jet Volume: 20-25 m³/h
  • The sphere is made of copper or made of stainless steel


Imagine a mesmerizing dance of water, choreographed by the enchanting Dandelion fountains. These fountains boast a unique feature – independently adjustable Clear Jet Nozzles that serve as the maestros of this aquatic symphony. Picture a charming ball fountain nozzle positioned in the middle, adding a touch of grace to the performance.

Now, let your creativity flow as you customize the show! The Dandelion fountain allows you to craft stunning multi-jet water displays by tweaking the individual jets into a variety of patterns. Play with options like the Domed Center Drop, Outside Drop, Inside Drop, Vertical Jets Pattern, Inside Basket Weave, or Outside Basket Weave. The best part? No need for special tools – changing these patterns is a breeze.

Feel free to experiment further by using several spray rings simultaneously, giving rise to additional captivating water patterns. And to elevate the spectacle even more, submersed lighting comes into play, casting a magical glow that turns the water display into a true work of art.

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